PerioProtect Therapy

West Springfield, VA Dentist

PerioProtect Tray Therapy is a completely customized treatment for patients who struggle with periodontal issues.

A set of trays, tailored to your mouth’s unique makeup, is fabricated at the PerioProtect Lab. You will utilize this tray in conjunction with their patented hydrogen peroxide gel to help restore the health of your gums, bones, and teeth.

After assessing your needs, we take a digital impression and send away for your custom-made trays. When the trays are received, you will return to our office for your personalized schedule overview.

Surprisingly low maintenance; only 15 minutes a day is needed to enjoy the results!

West Springfield, VA Dentist

Our goals with PerioProtect Tray Therapy are to get your gums healthy so you can…

avoid losing bone, undergoing surgery, and additional loss of teeth

Gum disease is the number 1 cause of tooth loss. The main function of the bone surrounding your teeth is to support and hold them in place by way of the periodontal fibers. If your mouth is maintained in a healthy state it increases the support for your teeth.

Oral Infection and the Immune System

worry about one less thing

Gum disease is a chronic tax on the immune system. Chronic infections and inflammation of the gingival tissues make it harder for type 2 diabetics to manage blood sugar and can also lead to inflammation in the cells lining the arteries

keep your crowns (or implants) as healthy as possible so that they will last for your lifetime

Every filling, crown, and veneer has tiny grooves and margins for bacteria to grow. Once the bacteria work their way under the restorations, it becomes compromised. This is one of the main reasons restorations fail.

approach others with confidence, knowing that you have a healthy, beautiful smile and the freshest breath of your life.

Hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial rather than an antibiotic so there’s no risk of bacterial resistance, and an unexpected side effect is whitening! Along with fresher breath, you can expect whiter teeth as well!

enjoy your cleaning appointments more

The gel utilized softens the bacterial deposits, making them very easy to remove, thus making your visit shorter and effortless.

Most importantly, we recommended Perio Protect trays because we care about your well-being and want your visits to be as pleasant as possible.